"I found love for jewellery in my early teens and was fascinated by all the possibilities to create beautiful things. Growing up in Europe, I was touched by the masterworks of the gold smithing tradition almost as old as mankind.
My background is fashion design, specialising in the design of leather shoes and bags, but I have always dreamt of moving in to jewellery. During the last 5 years I have experimented with all kinds of techniques. In September 2014 I graduated from London Jewellery School with a diploma in Jewellery Design and Business. I finished several jewellery courses in LJS and Metropolitan University but the learning process in the art of gold and silver smithing never ends. Aside from creating new collections, I am always experimenting with new materials and methods. Creating my own jewellery is a way to express myself. I get my ideas by observing my surroundings wherever I am: in nature by keeping ahead, looking at the patterns of plants and animals, in the cities by watching the people, in dreams by listening to my inner voice. Over the years I have developed my own style, aiming for perfection in craftsmanship while still breaking the rules of joyless, classical, industrialised jewellery.
My preferred materials are Sterling Silver in combination with well-chosen gems, wood and crystals, but I also use all variety of gold and precious stones. I'm happy to do bespoke pieces and collaborate with customers.
This is such a pleasure to be able to transfer my ideas in to reality and let them live."

Jewellery is an important part of our look and reflects how we feel. It crosses genders, race, ages, and can lift our spirits magically and emotionally.


Researching and translating historical and cultural references is a vital part of design and I find that almost anything can be inspiring.


I try to take the lead from fashion trend information and colour palettes and patterns. Attention is paid to scale, texture and fastenings. I try to be diverse to include global, tribal, ethnic and street style references and motives in architecture, nature, surroundings and found objects.


There is a plethora of ideas saturating the market and I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep ahead.

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